gtkMaggot - NEWS
gtkMaggot is an improved tron game.

Well, this software is in a serious bitrot condition, it requires a port to GTK 2 or GTK 3.

However someone managed to play with it recently, if you really want to try here are the step by step instructions to make it works:

  1. If you do not already have gtk installed, download and install the following programs:
    (If you are not sure, skip this section since you probably do have it installed)
  2. If you already have a version of gtk installed and you are using Debian on an i386 machine, use dpkg to install the following packages (not in order):
  3. Download and install audiofile 1.5 (later versions most likely will not work):
  4. Download and install esound:
  5. Before compiling esound, open the file "esddsp.c" in a text editor and add the following line immediately after the license notice:
    #define _GNU_SOURCE
  6. Download and install gtkMaggot:
  1. Start gtkMaggot by typing gtkmaggot in the command line
  2. Click on one or more colours and then click "Go ! :-)"
Red: A,Q
Yellow: S,D
Purple: B,N
Turquoise: Down and right arrow keys
(Note that Green and Dark Blue were unplayable on my keyboard.)

2003/04/03 - gtkMaggot 0.2.0 released !
- maintener has changed
- complete rewrite

Old news here